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Our Mission


"Our mission at Kids in Motion (K.I.M.’s) Playhouse Discovery Museum is to spark the love of learning in all children, young and old. Through interactive, interdisciplinary, hands-on environments and experiences for kids and teens within the arts, sciences and humanities, careers; children will develop creative thinking and problem solving skills, and a belief in their own potential."


The Museum provides:


•children and families  quality mobile leisure activities where they can experiment, play, use imagination, and share ideas.


• Give parents and care givers an opportunity to have interactive experiences with their child.


• Provide an opportunity for children to learn by “doing,” where learning is fun and multisensory.


• Nurture cooperation and understanding among generations and cultures to encourage children and adults to learn from one another.


• Promote the physical, emotional, and cognitive growth of children and families.


• Reach out to children of all backgrounds and cultures.


• Complement existing resources in the community and boost tourism and the economy in the Houma, Louisiana area.

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