@ 2016 Kids In Motion Playhouse designed by Wendy Jeffcoat/Proudly created with Wix.com    Houma, Louisiana

K.I.M.’s Story



Kim Marie Duplantis was my sister, who only lived 10 short months, many years ago.

She was very loved and is very missed.

Kim missed out on all the experiences and play that my own two children have been able to have.  This museum is dedicated to my parents in her memory, Murphy & Julie Duplantis Jr., and to the promise that all children, young and old, deserve to express their inner child!


The logo and art work on this site were created by Kim's great niece, Aimee Price. The name, K.I.M.'s Playhouse (Kids In Motion), was created by Aimee and her sister Lauren White as their way of acknowledging an Aunt they wish they could have known.  Their other Aunt, myself, has long wished to open this Playhouse.  After 26 years of teaching, learning, playing, and learning some more, it is a joy to watch the families of our Parish engage in the fun learning activities we have brought to the parish for the last 6 years.  Through the dedication of many, the goodness of our Lord, and the boundless energy of our children, we hope to see you at a K.I.M.'s Playhouse event., where Kids are In Motion!  Please help us by donating time, money or services!